Both our children have gone to Blessed Beginnings  and have had a wonderful experience. We will miss preschool so much. Thank you!

~Jenn, Coal Valley

  The Blessed Beginnings Preschool program is excellent is all aspects. The staff are very nurturing to God’s littlest ones.

~4’s Parent

Many years ago my son attended Red Shoes over at Augustana. From what I have seen of Blessed Beginnings here at Trinity this program is very much like Red Shoes. Much time was spent playing, learning to get along with each other and having fun. I’ll never forget the day they got to bring their pets for Show and Tell. We took our bulldog. Public schools begin teaching their kindergardeners sounds and letters. Some children are reading by January. I believe kids need to play before they have to sit straight in a chair, raise their hands, ask permission to use the bathroom, etc. Blessed Beginnings is the type of preschool where they have that chance to be three year olds and four year olds. If my granddaughter lived in the QC I would be sure she attended Blessed Beginnings.

~Diana Alm, Trinity member